6 Key Elements that Skyrocketed this Brand's Growth

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💠 Unskippable Video Ads in your Instagram Feed?

💠 6 Key Elements that Skyrocketed this Brand's Growth (Every Brand Should Take Note)

💠 The Secret Sauce Behind BattlBox's Success

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Unskippable Video Ads in your Instagram Feed?

Instagram is reportedly testing a new feature many of us won't be happy with.

It's a new video ad format that stops users from scrolling in the main feed until they’ve viewed a video ad.

As you can see in the above image, the ad has a timer at the bottom, and you can’t scroll past it until the timer runs down.

You may be wondering why they'd want to interrupt navigation like this...

After all, most people hate YouTube's skippable ads, and it's one of the main reasons people download ad blockers.

What do you think of this?

6 Key Elements that Skyrocketed this Brand's Growth (Every Brand Should Copy)

The other day I interviewed John Roman, BattlBox's CEO, and I felt like writing this breakdown about how they're standing out from the rest of the brands.

Let's go!

👨‍👨‍👦 Community:

Since the early days, they understood the power of building a community.

➝ They include at least one product recommended by their customers every month

➝ Get feedback

➝ Create a stronger bond with their customers

➝ And they've even recovered a Meta ad account that had been blocked!

📹 Long and Short-Form Content:

While running a pre-purchase survey...

(which after a while they realized was bad for conversion, but listen to this story...)

They identified that many people found the brand through a creator.

That creator wasn't just that.

He was a customer subscribed to the most expensive membership.

Now, they have over 700k subscribers on YouTube and 145k on Instagram.

And the best part is, 50% of their traffic comes from organic. 🤯

🌐 Website:

Most brands have a "normal" store.

Meaning, you see a hero section and the product listing...the normal stuff.

BattlBox is different, and you can tell only by visiting the website.

You land there and already know they're not just an "e-commerce brand".

It's like it was alive, somehow.

➝ You can instantly see there's a community.

➝ There are "missions" (their videos)

➝ And many other moving parts

🤝 Customer Experience:

They said there are "easy" and "EXTREME" things they do for their customers.

Here are a few examples of the "easy" ones:

➝ The CX department has a monthly budget they MUST spend on solving issues/sending gifts to their customers.

➝ They call customers who didn't buy again in the last 100-120 days.

➝ Support them in challenging times (as they did with a customer when their house was on fire)

Want an example of something extreme they did?

They gave 5 "golden tickets" away, and flew the winners to a super fun trip with them, everything included. How cool is that!

🚦 Diversified Traffic Sources:

Ever heard of "don't put your eggs in one basket?"

They strive to have at least six different traffic sources, ensuring no single source exceeds 16% of their traffic.

Of course, this varies over time, but you get the idea.

🗒️ Post-Purchase Surveys:

They gather data - not only for attribution purposes - but also to better understand certain aspects of their customers.

For example, they found their customers know about them for over six months before making their first order.

What does your brand do that I didn't mention here?

The Secret Sauce Behind BattlBox's Success

In this episode of The DTC Insider podcast, BattlBox's CEO reveals their secret sauce.

This is hands down one of the most actionable episodes of this season of The DTC Insider podcast.

If you work or own a DTC brand, make sure to give this one a listen.

We discussed:

👉 How They Have Built Their Amazing Community
👉 Ways to Leverage a Community
👉 A Thorough Breakdown of Their Content Creation Process
👉 Their TikTok Shops Strategy
👉 The Simple, Yet Effective, Manual Actions That Sets Them Apart

🎧 Tune in to our latest episode: https://thedtcinsider.com/c/podcast

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