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BIG Shopify Updates: Here's Everything You Need to Know

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💠 Shopify Updates: Here's Everything You Need to Know

💠 How To Get The BEST UGC For Free

💠 Scaling Success Through a COO's Lens

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Shopify Updates: Here's Everything You Need to Know

In case you haven't heard, on Monday Shopify announced over 150 updates!

Wait! Don't leave. I won't list them all. 😅

Here are the ones that I find most interesting for you guys:

🌎 Markets (major overhaul): now, there's a central location in the admin where you can expand into any market, whether it's international, B2B, or retail. You can now compare performance across markets to better inform you how to invest in your business.

📦 Split shipping in checkout: customers will have more flexibility and transparency about when an order will arrive in multiple shipments. They’ll see estimated delivery dates for each shipment, and be able to choose between different shipping options like “fastest” or “lowest price.”

📊 Analytics (major update): from adding your own metrics cards using drag & drop to creating fully customized reports, combining metrics. The cherry on top: real-time analytics!

🤖 Shopify Magic in Media Editor: is coming to more places in the admin and is now available in the Shopify mobile app, so you can make professional-level edits on the go.

💬 Sidekick for more merchants: thousands of merchants now have early access to Sidekick, Shopify’s AI assistant, which uses your store data to provide personalized, relevant support.

🏷️ ​AI-suggested categories, attributes, and values: with this, merchants can make their products more discoverable on their storefronts, on social and on marketplaces.

Which feature are you excited about the most?

How To Get The BEST UGC For Free

I've recently heard UGC is dead.

What's dead is AGC (Actor Generated Content).

Whether the "actor" is a paid influencer or an actor with no following...

...people can't tell it's fake.

HOWEVER, UGC (User Generated Content) is definitely NOT dead.

And what's the BEST of the BEST UGC?

Your REAL customers' videos.

And the great news is...getting them is easier than you think!

Here's an idea using your mailing list:

➝ What: Create a "Content request" flow for your existing customers.

➝ How: Think of a flow with 2-3 emails where you ask for content.

➝ When: After 1-2 weeks they receive the product.

➝ Reward: offer something in return for the content (ie. % off, $5-$20 voucher, a free item) - Increase value if they send a video.

➝ Content: give clear guidance on what type of content you'd like them to create (I said guidance, not a script).

➝ Delivery: make it super simple for people to send it over to you.

As always, the foundational pieces need to be in place.

If you have a great product and a brand people love, they'll do it.

Otherwise, it'll be just another thing that fails. So fix that first.


If your brand needs help with this or more things related to scaling up in 2024, reply to this email and I'll make time to go through your current struggles and identify areas of opportunity.

Scaling Success Through a COO's Lens

This company is redefining an industry.

Women's clothes? ❌

Men's clothes? ❌

None of that.

And I had the pleasure of learning all about it through the lens of their founder and COO, Kelly Moffat.

Don't miss this episode of The DTC Insider podcast, in which Kelly shared a ton of value about:

👉 Actions Required to Educate Customers and Disrupt the Industry
👉 Factors Contributing to Kirrin Finch's Rapid Growth
👉 Impact of Team Expansion on Operations
👉 Strategies for Maintaining High Customer Loyalty and the Role of the Rewards Program
👉 Incorporating Customer Feedback

🎧 Tune in to our latest episode: https://thedtcinsider.com/c/podcast

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