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💠 Brands Wish They Had These Insights Sooner

💠 More Meta Updates For Brands

💠 New Way For Brands To Break Through The Noise

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Brands Wish They Had These Insights Sooner

Shopify is great. But it doesn't provide this information.

And it's a shame, as many brands would benefit from it.

At BSR Digital, we're always looking for ways to get as many insights as possible for our clients.

But the truth is, Shopify doesn't make it easy for us.

Sure, it provides valuable information...

But it's missing a lot of relevant info brands could leverage to improve their marketing efforts.

So, to do that for our clients, we spend A LOT of hours...

🕛 Going through multiple reports

🕓 Applying filters

🕧 Exporting orders into a spreadsheet

🕥 And doing manual formulas...

...only to get the results that we could have gotten in seconds if Shopify provided us with those reports.

But hey, if there's no other way...we do it.

That was until we came across this AWESOME tool. 💡

Which provides us with that info - and more - in seconds.

Changing forever the level of insights we can get for our clients. 🙌

The name of this tool is LifeTimely.

Want to know how it could help your brand?

Check out this quick video I've recorded.

Disclaimer: I'm not affiliated with this tool. I just love it and thought of sharing it with you all.


If you own or work for a DTC brand and need help boosting profitability, feel free to book a discovery call and we'll see how we can help.


minisocial is a fully-managed solution that partners your brand with high-quality micro influencer creators who produce fully licensed content AND share it with their followers!

It's the best two-in-one solution out there and there's no wonder it's used by top DTC brands like Olipop, Native, AdoreMe, and Our Place.

Reasons to partner with minisocial?

👉 Fully-licensed content to use on ads, organic social, emails, your website, and beyond! Forever!

👉Managed service by industry experts, so you can sit back and relax.

👉No long-term commitments, pay per project.

👉 Micro-influencer amplification, get the same reach associated with a traditional influencer push at a cost that is friendly to all budgets.

More Meta Updates For Brands

Meta is on 🔥 , releasing a lot of updates already in 2024.

Here are some relevant ones for DTC Brands:

Pre-orders are now available:

US businesses using checkout on Facebook and Instagram can now create pre-orders in Commerce Manager.

Customers pay full price and are guaranteed to receive the product on or around a fixed date of up to 16 weeks or 112 days in the future.

New "Basket insights":

This is for retailers working with partners.

To activate Basket insights, select Partners in the Meta Collaboration Center, select the partner and click Premium options, now turn on Basket insights.

When a brand runs an ad and sends a lead to a retailer's site to check out, that person may view or buy other items along with the product featured in the ad.

Basket insights provide information about the categories of those other purchases that included the brand and advertiser’s products.

The purchases counted are attributable to the brand’s campaign as long as at least one product from that brand is included in the basket at the time of purchase.

Exclusions in Advantage+ audience:

You can now also exclude people who match specific detailed targeting.

You can use this option to help refine your intended audience.

Find this option in the Advantage+ audience settings under “Detailed targeting”.

New Way For Brands To Break Through The Noise

Brands don't have to discount anymore.

Instead, there's something else they could be doing.

If they really want to break through the noise and increase their profit margins.

Want to know what that is?

Then listen to this episode of The DTC Insider podcast.

Eric Autry - co-founder of Shared Sweeps - sits down with Brian Roisentul to answer that and many more relevant questions for DTC brands in 2024.

On this episode of The DTC Insider podcast, we discussed:

👉 His Perspective for Both Sides of the Field in the DTC Space
👉 Leveling Up Marketing for Brands in 2024
👉 How Shared Sweeps Can Help With That
👉 Breaking Through the Noise as a Brand
👉 How Brands are Leveraging It
👉 Social Snowball x Shared Sweeps
👉 Apréskin Launch
👉 Female Founder Denver Dinner Series
👉 What's Next for Shared Sweeps

🎧 Tune in to our latest episode:

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