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The Most Comprehensive PPC Report You'll Read, The Good Old Days, and Much More.

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Topics we’ll cover today:

💠 The Most Comprehensive PPC Report You'll Read

💠 The Good Old Days?

💠 Unlocking 9-Figure Growth: The Blueprint That Transformed Two Brands

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The Most Comprehensive PPC Report You'll Read

This recently released report is based on a survey of 1,135 PPC specialists.

In it, they express how they feel about:

Ad platforms…
Campaign types…
Budget distribution…
Generative AI…
And much more.

Since 38% of the advertiser respondents work in the e-commerce industry, I thought it was relevant to share this with you all.

It's a very interesting read, but in case you don't have time to go through its 60+ pages…

…here are my takeaways:

#1. PPC Specialists' Priorities for 2024:

When these specialists were asked: “What’s your top priority for 2024?”

Here's what they answered:

As you can see in the above word cloud, they didn't say things like: "easier-to-use ad platforms" or "more predictable results".

Instead, they were aligned with what brands care about: profitability.

#2. Goals for the Ad Campaigns in 2024:

Growing at all costs is not a thing for brands anymore.

And marketers get it.

As you can see in the above chart, 72% picked “efficient growth” as their most likely goal for 2024.

This means they’re allowed to increase spend as long as their efficiency targets (such as ROAS or CPA) are met.

#3. Ad Platform Adoption and Spend:

For this one, the participants were asked: "On which platforms are you (or your team) currently running PPC campaigns?"

As you can see, there's no surprise here.

Google and Meta dominate the ranking.

However, when these people were asked how much they spent on each one, it gets interesting:

As the monthly ad spend level grows, so does the adoption of platforms like YouTube, Bing, and TikTok (the ones in green), among others.

#4. Challenges With Multi-Channel Advertising:

Reconciling paid media efforts across different ad platforms remains a challenge,

with two-thirds of our respondents citing attribution as a particular hurdle.

Some takeaways from this one:

👉 Attribution modeling is still the #1 challenge for marketers.

👉 First-party data integration is a top priority for them.

👉 Cross-platform reporting is key to better understanding the bigger picture.

What do you think?

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If you own or work for a DTC brand and need help boosting profitability, feel free to book a discovery call with my team at BSR Digital and we'll see how we can help.

The Good Old Days?

Remember when Facebook Ads was full of "formulas" and "tricks"?

Until it wasn't.

I remember being a part of Build Grow Scale's beautiful community.

During one of the weekly calls, Matthew Stafford said they attended one of the most exclusive events for the top 1% of media buyers.

He said that every year people went up on stage to tell everyone about their new "formulas", "tricks" and "tactics" that were working for them.

However, in the 2021 event, things were different.

Everyone was trying to figure out what was working for the rest.

And nobody had answers. 🤯

Things have changed. A LOT!

👉 Technical changes (iOS 14 and up)

👉 Supply chain issues

👉 Costs going up

👉 Shrinking profit margins

So, if you're still trying to ONLY:

❌ Find laser-targeted audiences

❌ Decrease CPAs

❌ Use the metrics you see on the Ads Manager as your source of truth

❌ Focus almost exclusively on customer acquisition

Instead of:

✅ Improve your messaging

✅ Have great customer service

✅ Boost AOV and LTV

✅ Improve your value ladder

✅ Listen to what your customers want

✅ Create better-performing funnels

✅ Build a solid, loyal customer base

Then, you need to rethink your strategy.

Many times, that's the answer to questions like "Why can't we scale the business?".

Thoughts? Reply to this email.

Unlocking 9-Figure Growth: The Blueprint That Transformed Two Brands

When someone helps two brands grow to 9 figures 🤯 , you listen to what they have to say.

In this episode of The DTC Insider podcast, we sat down with Brett Swensen. He has led marketing at two of the fastest-growing consumer brands in Utah: Purple and Kizik.

Brett was instrumental in taking that brand from non-existent to a household name and eventually going public within a couple of years. He was there during their critical high-growth period and led Purple’s transformative marketing that proved unique to the industry.

Brett joined the Kizik team in 2019, bringing deep expertise in customer journey and direct-response marketing. As the vice president of marketing at Kizik, Brett has taken another non-existent brand to a 9-figure run rate. Brett has led marketing efforts that have changed the way people think about footwear.

We discussed:

👉 Key Actions for Replicating 9-Figure Success
👉 Revenue-Driving Channels: Insights from Two Brands
👉 Top KPIs for Brand Success
👉 Adapting Marketing Approach: Purple to Kizik
👉 Developing New Product Lines and Brand Messaging
👉 Leveraging Video Marketing for Kizik's Unique Value Proposition
👉 Strategy for Video Views and Content Creation
👉 Balancing Pace and Scale at Kizik
👉 Content Creation Engine: Volume vs. Quality
👉 Evolution of the Kizik Brand Platform

🎧 Tune in to our latest episode: https://thedtcinsider.com/c/podcast

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