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Crafting Great Offers Using Your Data, Meta's Major Update, and More!

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Topics we’ll cover today:

💠 Crafting Great Offers Using Your Data

💠 Meta Announces Major Update

💠 The Need for Speed in Business

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Crafting Great Offers Using Your Data

Crafting a great offer has 2 main components:

👉 What to offer

👉 When to make the offer

Let me explain.

WHAT to offer:

Why guess, when you can actually know what your customers want to buy?

And I'm with you, Shopify doesn't make it easy for brands to find and analyze certain information.

That's why our team at BSR Digital loves using a tool called Lifetimely, as it's able to unlock valuable data for our Shopify clients.

In this case, we're looking at the Product Journey report, in which we can understand what product type customers typically buy in each order.

For this client, the first purchase seems to be mostly pants.

Not only that, they seem to come back to buy more of them.

And, as you can see in the above chart, the same happens for Bras and Long sleeves.

However, those buying Tank tops behave differently: half of them buy another one in the second order, and the other half buy pants.

If you need more details, you can see this chart by product name:

WHEN to make the offer:

The WHEN is as important as the WHAT.

As they say, timing is everything.

In the first chart I presented, only 3% of those who bought a pant came back to buy a tank top.

However, as we can see in the chart below, 20% of "pant orders" contain a tank top 🤯

This means that offering a tank top in a second purchase isn't as attractive as doing it in the same order, either as a bundle or a one-click upsell.

Now, WHEN should we actually offer customers something to come back?

Great question, which can take forever to answer if you're only using Shopify to get the info.

But not with this tool!

As you can see in the chart below, the avg. time between orders for this brand is 60 days.

With this info, you can work on:

👉 Decreasing the time between purchases with an attractive offer.

👉 Improving the timing (and offer) of your Winback email flow

👉 Defining more offers to increase the number of annual orders

Disclaimer: I'm not affiliated with this tool. I just love it and thought of sharing it with you all.


If you own or work for a DTC brand and need help boosting profitability, feel free to book a discovery call and we'll see how we can help.

Meta Announces Major Update

Meta launched new audience insight and targeting options within its Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns.

We're talking about a new feature called the “engaged customers audience segment”:

According to Meta, "engaged customers" are “people who are aware of your business or interacted with your products or services, but have not made a purchase.”.

With the Engaged Customers Audience Segment, you can define your engaged customers using custom audiences, which provides reporting breakdowns specifically for this audience.

How can I see the results for this segment on the Ads Manager?

Meta now offers a new segment to analyze results in Ads Manager.

Just go to the Breakdown menu and choose “Demographics by Audience Segments.”

From there, you’ll see separate rows for New Customers, Existing Customers, and Engaged Customers, as demonstrated in the screenshot below:

Where can I create these new segments?

In Ad Account Settings within Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns, you can specify your engaged customers using a custom audience, as demonstrated in the screenshot below:

Would you try this out?

The Need for Speed in Business

In this episode of The DTC Insider podcast, we sat down with Kelley Thornton. He’s one of the founders of Tiege Hanley, a brand with the mission of helping men look and feel amazing.

The business has evolved from selling three distinct Skin Care Systems to boasting a wide variety of products, including deodorant, bar soap, body wash, and a detoxifying clay mask. Tiege shipped its 1.5 millionth box in July 2022 and has over 350,000 customers worldwide. Kelley is focused on enriching the experience for all customers and guiding men to healthier lifestyles founded on self-confidence.

On this episode of The DTC Insider podcast, we discussed:

👉 The Tiege Hanley Story
👉 Insights from Tiege Hanley's Founder
👉 Agile Strategies for DTC Growth
👉 Cultivating Company Culture: Tiege Hanley's Approach to Expansion
👉 Tiege Hanley's Winning Channels, Struggles, and Triumphs
👉 Success Marketing: Tiege Hanley's Unique Approach Unveiled
👉 Mastering Global Marketplaces: Tiege Hanley's Long-Term Vision

🎧 Tune in to our latest episode: https://thedtcinsider.com/c/podcast

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