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Stay Ahead in DTC: AI Training, Meta's Delivery Recommendations, and Fractional Resources

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💠 Google's New Free Generative AI Training Courses

💠 Unlock The Power Of AI-Driven Product Development

💠 All You Need To Know About Meta's Delivery Recommendations

💠 Unleashing the Power of Fractional Resources

Google's New Free Generative AI Training Courses

Google Cloud has recently released 7 free courses under the Generative AI learning path.

Here's what you'll get to explore:

🎓 Introduction to Generative AI

🎓 Introduction to Large Language Models

🎓 Attention Mechanism

🎓 Transformer Models and BERT Model

🎓 Introduction to Image Generation

🎓 Create Image Captioning Models

🎓 Encoder-Decoder Architecture

This is a great opportunity for all AI enthusiasts!

Don't miss out on this chance to enhance your knowledge.

Unlock the power of AI-driven product development.

All You Need To Know About Meta's Delivery Recommendations

This is how Meta media buyers must be feeling right now.

And we can't blame them...

Meta has recently announced Delivery Recommendations.

They are suggestions in Meta Ads Manager "to help improve the performance of your active campaigns", according to the company.

They’re based on the current or predicted performance of your campaigns and other advertisers’ campaigns across Meta technologies.

And you can find them in your Account Overview section.

There are 2 ways to implement these recommendations:

🛠️ Manually:

Meta will show you a list of Delivery recommendations that could improve the performance of your ads.

For example, in the first recommendation, there's a "Show me how" button.

If you click on it, it will show you exactly what it will do, and there's a "Apply changes" button to do it in only one click.

🤖 Automatically:

You will see a box like this one to enable automatic adjustments:

When you do it, you'll see a detailed view of what you do and don't want Meta to automatically adjust for you.

Here's the TL;DR explanation:

⚙️ Campaign structure: from ad set combination to turning off underperforming ads.

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Audience: adjust targeting settings.

🖼️ Creative and format: enhancements to media, text, ad format, and other visual elements.

📣 Delivery and engagement: how your ads and delivered and which placements they're shown in.

💰 Spend and schedule: adjustments to bid and schedule settings, without changing the budget.

I guess the big question here is: "To automate or not to automate", as Shakespeare would have said.

Well, test it.

After all, this is not a new concept in the advertising space. Take Google Ads as an example.

Recommendations to improve the ad performance have been there for many years now.

Unleashing the Power of Fractional Resources

Episode 100 🎉

This is the perfect episode to celebrate this milestone, as many brands and contractors may benefit from it.

In these challenging times in which many companies are reducing their teams, fractional resources have become a more viable, cost-effective, option.

Hamilton Bolduc is the founder of Content Machine, an online community of pre-vetted content specialists.

In this episode of The DTC Insider podcast, we discussed:

👉 Fractional Resources as a Strategic Solution Amid Hiring Freeze and Layoff Surge

👉 Unveiling Effective Content Strategies for E-commerce Brands

👉 Unveiling the Paradigm Shift in Asset Testing and the Ascendancy of Creatives as the Ultimate Filter

🎧 Tune in to our latest episode:

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