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Does your DTC brand check all these boxes?

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πŸ’  Big updates on Meta Ads

πŸ’  Does your DTC brand check all these boxes?

πŸ’  From $0 to $84,000+ in revenue from Email Marketing in 30 days

πŸ’  Supercharge digital asset & product discovery

Big updates on Meta Ads

⏰ Reminder Ads: Drive engagement and promote upcoming events or launches with Instagram's new Reminder Ad feature. Simply create an Instagram Feed post with reminders, then select that post to run as an ad. With this post type, you can let your followers set reminders directly from Instagram, ensuring that they don't miss out on anything important.

πŸ•’ 'Reminders On' metric: Instagram added the 'Reminders On' metric to Ads Manager to see how many people are setting reminders from your ad. This powerful metric shows the total number of reminders set from your reminder ads while excluding reminders that were unset.

πŸ” Instagram Search Results ads: You can now run ads directly in users' search results. After a user taps on a photo or video in the Instagram search grid, your ad will appear in their feed, giving you a prime opportunity to capture their attention.

βž• Ad Campaign duplication: You can now automatically adjust your settings to maximize your results. Simply select 'Duplicate with recommended adjustments' and Instagram will suggest changes to your campaign based on your previous performance.

Does your DTC brand check all these boxes?

I have the fortune of meeting great e-commerce brand founders.

And we have put together the list of key actions they take to be successful:

  • Solving a true need through their products

  • Going above & beyond to separate their products from their competitors

  • Scaling the "non-scalable": founders calling their (VIP) customers

  • Sending handwritten notes to customers when they buy with a sincere and unique message every time

  • Answering their messages/calls fast

We hear many brands talking about their ROAS and what's working in their ad accounts.

That's important, don't get me wrong.

But that's only a fraction of the efforts a brand should do today to succeed.

So, my advice is that you pay attention to those things that you could be doing differently.

From $0 to $84,000+ in revenue from Email Marketing in 30 days

At BSR Digital, we celebrate every win (and so should you).

I mean, what's the point if we don't enjoy the journey, right?

This week, our win is about this DTC brand that had NEVER done email marketing before.

As always, our team put together a great plan in place, but...

Since it was their first time using this channel, we didn't know what to expect.

Well, here's what happened 30 days later.


Want to improve the customer acquisition & retention efforts for your DTC brand?

At BSR Digital, we're here to help!

The same way we have done it for hundreds of DTC brands since 2013.

Supercharge digital asset & product discovery

In our latest podcast episode of The DTC Insider podcast, we interviewed Michelle Eichner.

She is the founder of, a solution that helps eCommerce brands convert more intent buyers.

Here are some of the key topics we covered in this insightful interview:

πŸ‘‰ Discover how Intelligent eCommerce Product Data Enrichment can take your DTC brand to the next level.

πŸ‘‰ Boost your search capabilities and improve merchandising & marketing KPIs with Product-Catalog Enrichment.

πŸ‘‰ Learn how Product-Catalog Attribution can help you create a tailored audience based on AI data.

πŸ‘‰ Explore the cutting-edge technology of OpenAI's DALLE and ChatGPT.

🎧 Tune in to our latest episode:

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