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Attention! Big Changes Coming To Meta 🚨

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💠 Attention Meta Advertisers! Big Changes Coming

💠 Meta's Lattice AI Boosts Ad Performance and Efficiency for Enhanced Results

💠 The Power Of A Blazer: When It Comes to Menswear, Women Wear It Better

💠 From Backyard Fun to Global Sensation: The Story of Crossnet and Good Sport

Attention Meta Advertisers! Big Changes Coming

These are BIG changes indeed 🚨

Advantage+ audience:

Meta has recently introduced a feature that revolutionizes ad targeting.

Now, instead of using an advertiser’s audience targeting inputs as hard constraints, such as:

  • Men

  • 18-35 years

  • Who like baseball

Advertisers who use Advantage+ audience will add their audience inputs as suggestions to guide who sees an ad.

Meta will then identify potential customers beyond these suggestions, based on their interests and conversion likelihood.

Advertisers with specific requirements can still utilize "Audience Controls" at the campaign level.

Currently, they are conducting tests with a select group and plan to expand testing to more advertisers soon.

Aggregate Events Measurement is changing:

❌ No longer prioritizing 8 events

❌ No need to select a value set to turn on value optimization: you just run it

❌ Won't be required to verify your domain

❌ Won't have to select a conversion domain at the ad level of your campaign

This is proof that things are changing fast.

And if you, as a brand or advertiser, are still relying on the "old tricks & tactics" to run ads, you're going to struggle soon.

It's what we've been talking about for at least the last 2 years with my team.

We need to start focusing more on what moves the needle (ie. better ad creatives, funnel, offer, and products).

And LESS on the 10+ ad sets with single-interest audiences to see which one performs the best.

A big thanks to Jon Loomer for providing this information through his social media accounts.


The Power Of A Blazer: When It Comes to Menswear, Women Wear It Better

This is a report on how the blazer, a menswear staple, has impacted the revenue of contemporary womenswear from our friends at Particl

Click here to learn more and schedule your personalized demo!

Meta's Lattice AI Boosts Ad Performance and Efficiency for Enhanced Results

Meta has recently introduced its groundbreaking AI technology called Lattice, aimed at enhancing ad performance and efficiency.

Lattice utilizes advanced algorithms and machine learning to improve the targeting and delivery of ads, providing advertisers with better results and users with a more personalized experience.

It enhances Meta’s ads system in the following ways:

  • Better performance: it's capable of improving the performance of Meta's ads system holistically. Early results from their deployment on Instagram show that knowledge-sharing across its different surfaces (e.g., Feed, Story, and Reels) and across various advertiser objectives (e.g., clicks, video views, and conversions) increased performance for advertisers.

  • Improved AI efficiency: maintaining and advancing fewer, more powerful models makes their overall ads system more nimble in adopting future AI innovations, driving greater value for advertisers.

  • Faster adaptability to the shifting market landscape: they have designed Meta Lattice to drive advertiser performance in the new digital advertising environment where they have access to less granular data. Additionally, Lattice is capable of generalizing learnings across domains and objectives, which is especially crucial when the model has limited data to train on.

From Backyard Fun to Global Sensation: The Story of Crossnet and Good Sport

Get ready to be inspired by our latest episode of The DTC Insider podcast, featuring the co-founder & CEO of Crossnet and Good Sport, Greg Meade.

In this episode, Greg shares the story of how his passion for sports and entrepreneurship led him to co-found these two successful companies.

He also discusses the challenges he faced along the way and the strategies he used to overcome them and achieve his goals.

From the early days of Crossnet, when the idea was just a fun game played in his backyard, to the present day, where it has become a global sensation with distribution in major retailers, Greg's journey is full of lessons for entrepreneurs and business leaders alike.

If you're interested in learning more about the story of Crossnet and Good Sport, and the insights and strategies that have made Greg Meade a successful entrepreneur, I highly recommend giving this episode a listen.

🎧 Tune in to our latest episode:

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