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The DTC Insider - Weekly Newsletter - 21/06 - Issue #11

If Only DTC Brands Focused On This

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💠 If Only DTC Brands Focused On This

💠 Unlock The Power Of AI-Driven Product Development

💠 Is Meta Testing a First-Party Pixel?

💠 When Sustainability Meets Innovation: A Conversation with Cake's Founder

If Only DTC Brands Focused On This

It seems like most brands are in a race for decreasing costs.

And that's totally understandable. But it's not where the main focus should be.

I'm sure you can decrease some costs, BUT:

  • There's a limit to how many you can really reduce.

  • It may affect your business if you reduce/cut necessary services.

What if, instead, brands focused more on strategies to increase revenue & profits?

It's almost guaranteed that they'd be way more successful if they focus on this.

Some things they can do to make this happen:

Pre-cart AOV boosters:

  • Incentivize larger orders: for example, select by default more quantity of a product (when applies…ie. “2 packs”), or offer a discount for buying more.

  • Bundles: mix and match. Choose 3 products or more and get a discount. The more products, the higher the discount.

  • Free Shipping thresholds: don’t base this on AOV. Set the threshold a few dollars over the biggest cluster of customers’ AOV + the cost of shipping. Be careful with this one, as it could backfire.

  • Gamified cart: ie. "You're $1 away from a free bottle of wine".

  • Discount ladders: the more you purchase, the more you save.


  • MORE of what they bought

  • High-affinity products

  • Leads: offering a complementary service/product in the industry (ie. promoting pet insurance if you sell products for pets, and getting paid by each email sent to them)

  • Thank-you page offers.

Email flows:

  • Post-purchase: one-time deals, high-affinity products, education on what they bought.

  • Customer win-back: reduce the time between purchases and increase the LTV.

  • Replenishment flow: automatically identify opportunities for up-selling your customers.

  • Loyalty: remind them to redeem points, or to refer a friend in exchange for a benefit.

We could keep going...

But as you see, there are no excuses to be working on increasing your revenue & profits with these strategies and more.

Credit: Ryan McKenzie. In case you haven't done it, go watch his YouTube video on this.


Is Meta Testing a First-Party Pixel?

iOS 17 is coming and Meta is testing new ways to keep the tracking as accurate as possible.

Since iOS 14, everything has gotten more complicated.

Now, with the release of iOS 17, things could get even more complicated for advertisers.

And it looks like Meta is doing something about it.

We've recently heard that some advertisers have been getting this message:

As you can read in the image, Meta is inviting advertisers to participate in testing this "new type of pixel".

They claim it will "use code owned and managed by advertisers to collect conversions data".

And also that "data is collected for and processed in your own cloud infrastructure".

We cannot find any official information yet, so we'll keep you posted as soon as we hear more about this.

When Sustainability Meets Innovation: A Conversation with Cake's Founder

I find Cake "the Apple for electric bikes".

I know it's a bold claim.

Just look at their website and products and I'm confident you'll think the same.

Stefan Ytterbon is the founder of electric-motorbike manufacturer Cake.

Cake’s ground-breaking bikes delight design aficionados while offering a path toward a more sustainable future.

In this episode of The DTC Insider podcast, we discussed:

👉 Unveiling the Core Values that Shaped Cake's Vision

👉 Overcoming the Challenges of Selling Premium Bikes Online

👉 How Cake is Redefining Eco-Friendly Mobility

👉 Exploring Cake's Revolutionary Approach to Electric Bikes

👉 Unleashing the Anticipation Behind Cake's Sustainable Innovation

🎧 Tune in to our latest episode: https://thedtcinsider.com/

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