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The DTC Insider - Weekly Newsletter - 28/06 - Issue #12

What Ecommerce Brands Need to Know About iOS 17

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💠 Link Tracking Protection: What Ecommerce Brands Need to Know About iOS 17

💠 Unlock The Power Of AI-Driven Product Development

💠 Meta is introducing 'Engaged-view' attribution

💠 Mastering Niches, Transitioning Strategies, and Staying Focused

Link Tracking Protection: What Ecommerce Brands Need to Know About iOS 17

I don’t want to be awful! 😭

Apple's iOS 17 update includes a new feature called Link Tracking Protection, which automatically removes user-identifiable tracking parameters from URLs.

That being said, there's no reason to panic, at least not yet.

How this will work:

This feature will basically remove user-identifiable tracking parameters in link URLs.

These parameters are automatically placed into links by Google, Facebook, and some affiliate platforms to track users’ activity across their buying journey.

By removing these parameters, Link Tracking Protection makes it more difficult for these companies to track users' online behavior.

Is this bad news?

This could have a number of implications.

But the truth is…

Although it'll be a little bit harder to identify which links are leading to conversions or which channels contribute to sales, it won't be impossible.

How iOS 17 will impact e-commerce brands:

First off, the typical UTMs won't be affected (ie. source, medium, and campaign).

As they are not unique personal identifiers, but instead, aggregate directional information about where the user was before landing on your website.

That being said, iOS 17 will affect…

Google Analytics' ability to track your Google Ads.

Meta’s ability to track Facebook Ads.

And Facebook’s Conversion API.

Google and Meta use click IDs (“fbclid” and “gclid”), which are automatically generated and appended with unique identifiers.


Most shoppers use Meta through their native application, which will not be affected by this.

Google Search Ads will be impacted, but only if you’re browsing incognito (private mode) in Safari.

So, this means...? 

There's nothing serious to worry about for now, but let's see how this evolves over time.


Meta is introducing 'Engaged-view' attribution

It looks like Meta is full of updates this Q 🔥

This time, we're talking about a "non-click conversion attribution" for video ads that measures conversions occurring after a user views a substantial portion of a skippable video ad and then converts within 24 hours.

This is similar to the Engaged-view conversions for YouTube campaigns.

This type of conversion attribution is specifically applicable to campaigns utilizing skippable video ads.

It works differently from the 1-day view attribution, as it only recognizes an 'Engaged-view' when a user interacts with a skippable video ad for at least 10 seconds or watches at least 97% of the total length of the video ad, provided the ad is shorter than 10 seconds.

Following this 'Engaged view,' the same user must also complete a conversion within 24 hours. In those cases, that conversion will be attributed to the campaign as an Engaged-view conversion.

This is great news for advertisers, as it enables them to more effectively gauge the performance of their video ads.

The feature is currently being rolled out and will be accessible to users soon.

Once you have access, you can choose Engaged-view as your attribution setting for campaigns focused on Sales, Leads, or Engagement objectives.

You can then analyze Engaged-view attribution by selecting the 'Compare attribution settings' option in the reporting columns of Ads Manager.

Mastering Niches, Transitioning Strategies, and Staying Focused

“If you’re trying to be for everybody, then you’re for nobody.” - Zach Frantz

On this episode of The DTC Insider podcast, Zach shares very valuable lessons he’s learned while building Wildland Coffee.

Including how niching down allowed his business to coexist with big players in the industry.

In this episode of The DTC Insider podcast, we discussed:

👉 The Power of Niching Down

👉 Navigating the Transition from DTC to B2B

👉 Insights Into Effectively Running a One-Man Business

👉 Leveraging Virtual Assistants for Business Success

👉 In-House Manufacturing: Simplicity and Affordability

👉 Staying Objective And Avoiding Visionary Blindness

🎧 Tune in to our latest episode: https://thedtcinsider.com/

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