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Memorial Day Sale Isn't Over

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💠 Memorial Day Sale Isn't Over

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Memorial Day Sale Isn't Over

The long weekend of Memorial Day has come to an end.

But...did the sale end too?

I mean, while many customers made purchases, there were also those who didn't.

In the upcoming weeks, top-notch brands will strategically reach out to customers who actively engaged with their sales content.

Through emails, text messages, push notifications, and other channels, marketers gain invaluable insights into their customers' preferences.

For instance, if someone clicked on your Memorial Day sale email showcasing new men's jackets but ignored the push notification about high heels, you now have a clear indication of their interests.

By segmenting and targeting them with pertinent information, you can capitalize on the enthusiasm generated during major sale weekends and foster additional future purchases.

Don't Forget Doing This In Your Email Marketing

Whenever my team at BSR Digital runs Klaviyo audits, we see many brands and marketers forget about a key aspect: Email collection.

If your list isn’t growing, it doesn’t matter how great your flows & campaigns are, performance will stagnate.

Here's how to check this is not happening to you👇

📈 List growth:

  • Go to Lists & segments

  • Filter by Lists

  • Click on the one with the most subscribers

  • Click on Reports > List Growth

  • Look at the 1-year period to better understand how it grew over time

🎯 Signup forms performance:

  • Navigate to “Signup Forms”

  • Check out the pop-up

  • Make sure there’s a regular stream of traffic viewing the form

  • Check if the Conversion Rate is 5-7% (minimum). Also, check how it's performing compared to other companies in the Benchmark section.

A Game-Changing Approach to Reviewing Products

Have online reviews ever evolved? 🤔

"Social proof is really important", people say.

And I agree.

So, how come we're using the same old review system?

Fortunately for all of us in the DTC space, someone has already thought about this 💪

In this episode of The DTC Insider podcast, Max Keefe at Experify reveals:

👉 The evolution of product reviews

👉 How they are transforming the pre-cart experience

👉 How this new system helps build stronger connections with your community

👉 The impact on the conversion rate

Want to know the benefits of using this new review system?

🎧 Tune in to our latest episode:

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