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Hi there,

You've been granted access to my free guide "Blueprint to a 6 Figure Upwork Profile", was it useful?

Not sure if I ever told you how I got started on Upwork, but I think it's important to mention because I believe it may really help you...

I wasn't always making 6 figures...

I didn't always receive 300-500 invitations to submit job proposals per month...

I didn't always have over 30+ clients I could call on at any moment...

I wasn't always using my laptop as an ATM machine that I could tap at any moment for money...

It took a long time and a lot of hard work.  

As I don't have a background as a salesperson, Upwork has become the perfect solution for me to avoid the hassle of the cold outreach, follow up emails, and calls in order to make a single sale.

But I thought...there are SO MANY seasoned freelancers on this platform that is going to be IMPOSSIBLE to compete against them...right? WRONG!

Once you discover how the platform works, you can really make it work in your favor...

For example, if you create your profile THE RIGHT WAY, you can appear on the top search results when clients look for freelancers, the same way companies show up among the top search results on Google...but in this case

for FREE


Isn't it crazy? YES, it is.

Does it work? 100%.

That's why I get between 300 and 500 invitations to submit job proposals per month...

I know for a fact that most freelancers won't go the extra mile to make this work, as that's how we are as humans...we just want the quick wins, and there's no such thing.

I can


that if you are good at what you do and you do go the extra mile, you'll get amazing results and create a great future for you and your family.

So what do you need to do next if you want that?I've created a course specifically designed to help people like you. You'll get 18 videos divided into 8 modules that’ll show you exactly how to reach 6 figures as a freelancer on Upwork. And I MEAN IT. I didn't even believe it myself until I saw how it's made me earn that much.So my final question to you is: are you ready to kickstart your freelancing career? If you do, click on the button below.