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Last-Minute Black Friday Checklist

This is it.

We're only 2 days away from Black Friday! 😱

If you need to double-check everything's OK before BFCM (you should).

But you can't find a way to do it.

Here's a checklist you can use to avoid forgetting about any details:

Remote Work Doesn't Work

Let's be honest. Remote work sucks.

Without the right processes... end up having a dozen Zoom calls every day.'s hard to manage a team. culture gets challenging.

For a few years, we struggled with this.

Our team had too many calls, tasks got lost, and everyone was burnt out.

We've tried many things.

But we weren't able to turn it around.

Until - after testing multiple approaches - we've finally found our sweet spot.

To make remote work enjoyable and productive for our team.

Here are the top 4 actions we took at BSR Digital:

✔️ 1:1 CHECK:

Our PM does a 1:1 30-min call with every team member.

They go over the pending tasks for the day and week.

As well as aligning expectations on certain priority tasks to address.


We first started doing it every day.

But we ended up doing it twice a week.

As we were having too many calls.

Now, here's the kicker.

We DON'T talk about work on this call.


We talk about work all day long.

So why not take 15 minutes of our precious time to chat about movies, TV shows, sports, and life events, among many other topics?


One of the main challenges of remote work is definitely task management.

Without a proper system, you risk dropping many balls.

And that leads to bad results.

Which then leads to client churn.

After testing many task-management tools, we decided ClickUp worked best for us.

We have EVERYTHING there.

But the most important part is not the tool itself.

It's using it!

Train your team on the importance of creating AND updating tasks on that platform.

Setting start and end dates, assigning the right people to the task, and even tracking time, if that's how you like to work.

⚙️ SOPs:

SOPs are the backbone of everything we do.

We make sure we:

✅ Update them

✅ Use them

It sounds simple.

But if they are just docs stored in a Drive folder, it's the same as not having them.

Believe me, this will prevent many mistakes and create more homogeneous outcomes.



Remote work sucks unless you have the right systems in place.

Here are the 4 actions we take at BSR Digital to make it enjoyable and productive for our team:

👉 1:1 check

👉 15-min team huddle

👉 Task management

👉 SOPs

Countdown to Black Friday: E-Commerce News Flash

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