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Major Email Marketing Compliance Changes You Can’t Ignore

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💠 Major Email Marketing Compliance Changes You Can’t Ignore

💠 Need a Plan To Grow Your Brand?

💠 8 Things Successful DTC Brands Have in Common

Major Email Marketing Compliance Changes You Can’t Ignore

Significant email compliance changes are coming to Gmail and Yahoo, which could impact your sender's reputation and email deliverability.

Do you feel that everything is changing VERY fast?

You're not alone.

Advertisers have been struggling with a lot of changes in the paid ads space.

Rising costs, shrinking margins...

And now they need to deal with big changes in email? I know...

Anyway, here’s everything you need to know about this:

Spam rate less than 0.3%

Yeap. You read correctly.

If you get only 3 out of 1,000 emails marked as spam, you will fail to be classified as a spam sender.

At this moment, most of the brands would fail this test.

What can you do?

👉 Clean up your email list.

👉 Make sure to send relevant content.

👉 Use Push notifications (ie. by using Tapcart)

One-Click Unsubscribe

Gmail will begin requiring bulk senders to have one-click unsubscribe enabled.

Currently, most brands have an Unsubscribe process of 2+ clicks. 

You can expect an increase in opt-outs.

And that's not good. Or, is it?

After all, people who love your brand won't unsubscribe just because now it's easier.

Authenticate your email

Verify your sender identity by configuring your SPF, DKIM, and DMARC.

This ensures the email and the domain you’re sending emails “from” is authenticated.

For example, an email for mybrand.com might be [email protected].

In this case, [email protected] is sending emails from a custom domain, so they’ll need to authenticate their email address to ensure subscribers receive their messages.

These are the email authentication protocols you need to be aware of:




Remember, you'll need to take action before February 1st, 2024.

Need a Plan To Grow Your Brand?

As we start another year, I saw many founders posting on social media about their plans for Q1 (and even for the entire year), including the key actions they'll take to get there.

If you don't have this figured out yet, don't worry.

I'll show you what we do for our clients 👇

Every time we onboard a client, we define the first iteration of their "90-day roadmap".

What's it about? 🤔

This document contains 3 key pieces of information:

🎯 Their goals for the next 90 days

📅 Monthly (partial) goals

🗒️ The high-level tasks, aka. lead measures, that will help them achieve those goals

This sounds simple to build, but it's not.

Here are some common mistakes brands & agencies make:

 Lack of clear goals: if you don't invest enough time in defining your goals, this process will result in unclear, ambiguous, or unachievable goals. This will only lead to frustration, as well as a waste of time and money.

 Focusing on tasks that aren't relevant to achieve your goals.

 Listing too many goals & tasks: focus and you'll have better chances to stay on track. We found that the sweet spot is between 1-3 goals and 3-5 tasks per goal.

What's next?

Now that you have defined your 90-day roadmap, here's the most important part:

 Take action: create detailed tasks for each of the high-level tasks listed in the plan

🛤️ Check the progress: we recommend keeping track on a weekly basis and running monthly meetings to determine whether you're on track or not, and to make proper adjustments.

8 Things Successful DTC Brands Have in Common

Brian Roisentul has interviewed over 100 successful DTC founders and directors on The DTC Insider podcast.

In this episode, he talks about the 8 things they have in common and contributed to their success.

We discussed:

👉 8 things these successful brands have in common

👉 Why and how you should apply them to your business

🎧 Tune in to our latest episode: https://thedtcinsider.com/

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