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Turn customers into forever fans of your brand 🎯

Positioning a brand may be one of the hardest things to do in e-commerce. 

People are used to trying to go SO fast nowadays that they forget about some of their foundations. 

And it takes time, … building a solid brand takes 3 to 5 years.


Now, it’s time to ask ourselves: “What is in my customers' minds when they speak about me?” - Then create a strategy to improve their perception. As it’s one of the key builders to focus on a brand.


Monica Sharma-Patnekar is an e-commerce brand mentor & consultant, a purpose-driven (digital) brand, marketing & strategy professional with 17 years of global experience building brands. 


She’s worked across diverse sectors and companies from Fortune 500 to scale- & start-ups. 

Today, she is dedicated to teaching brands expansion strategies and positioning themselves correctly in the mind of their customers.



Check out what you can learn:

  • Break down of the process of building a brand.

  • The 3 pillars of business growth.

  • How to turn occasional customers into forever fans of your brand.

  • The simple process to communicate & connect with your real audience.

  • How to demonstrate value in multiple ways for more loyal customers. 

Trust me,. This is such a valuable episode that I’m sure it’ll make you want to start with it today.

Let me know your thoughts about it.

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