All - Podcast - Future of DTC 2023 (copy 08)

Take a look at the future of DTC 📊

Are you curious about what the future of DTC space looks like? 

There’s no crystal ball, .  

Nor predictions about the future.

But one thing I do know is the many DTC founders & marketing directors I’ve spoken to in 2022.

Plus, the many DTC brands we have helped grow through paid ads & email marketing at BSR Digital.

And today, I can tell you ALL our thoughts on what will happen in 2023.

Just so YOU can be prepared for the future.

So , if you feel ready to discover what the future for the e-commerce space holds in 2023…

And discover what your DTC brand should focus on in 2023.

Want a deeper look at what you can learn if you tune in?

  • The 4 marketing pillars we analyze at BSR Digital (and that you should too).

  • The importance of building a brand.

  • Why you should start collecting Zero-party data right now.

  • Useful tips for your e-commerce brand.

  • The 4 levers to growing an e-commerce brand. 

Ready for what 2023 brings?

Talk soon,Brian   

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