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Heard about this Golden Opportunity for DTC brands?

, how amazing would it be if you could easily let your customer know: “you’re safe with our brand”?But building trust with potential customers who have never seen you or even heard about you requires a lot of work. 

That’s why constant improvement in digital marketing is crucial. And as Janis Thomas says in the New Episode of my Podcast:  “You can always do it better. Convert more and retain more customers.”

Janis Thomas is the Ecommerce & Marketing Director at Look Fabulous Forever. She is a commercially driven senior B2C marketing and e-commerce leader balancing strategic vision with excellent execution and has worked for brands from Birchbox to Playboy.

This is what you can learn today if you take a peep at this new episode: 

  • Why Older Consumers are a Goldmine in the DTC Market

  • Thriving in Tough Times: How to Build a Resilient Brand During a Recession

  • Unlocking the Secret to Reaching 50+ Women: The Best Marketing Channels

  • Overcoming the Hurdles of a Long Sales Journey

  • Unlocking Your Business's Potential: The Power of a Culture of Continuous Improvement 

, are you ready to work on improvements for your brand?Tune in to find out where to start today  

And let us know if you think we’re missing something! 


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