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Achieve Exponential Growth with your Own Mobile App

, what if your brand could be a mobile app? 

Just imagine how easier it would be to boost customer retention, improve brand awareness, or even provide a much better customer experience. 

Nowadays, customers want the experience to be positive and unique. 

Creating some of that ´special feeling´ for your customers through your own app can help you with the growth you want. 

Today, Ash Mousavian tells us how in the new episode of my podcast.

Ash Mousavian has been in the e-commerce space for 6 years and is currently the Agency Partner Manager at Tapcart, a company that turns Shopify sites into beautiful mobile apps. 

At Tapcart, they spin up fully native mobile apps on iOS and Android in as little as 2 weeks! 

As a fully integrated Shopify Plus Certified app, their solution requires no coding and comes with dedicated success managers that provide white-glove experiences.

This is what you can learn today:

  • 2023 trends that Shopify put out

  • What to do about the increasing acquisition costs

  • What types of merchants may need their own mobile app ASAP

  • iOS 16 is coming out. What’s its impact?

  • Does a mobile app cannibalize web sales? 

I'd love to hear what your thoughts are, NAME. 

Hit reply and let's talk! 


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