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  • All - Podcast - Using competitor's data - Reynolds - (copy 10)

All - Podcast - Using competitor's data - Reynolds - (copy 10)

Stay Ahead of the Trends Using Real-time Data from over 70K+ E-commerce Sites 🔥

Imagine knowing exactly what the market is responding to. 

Always knowing how your competitors are doing.

Did they have a great day when you didn't?

Was it only you that had a great day?


Just think about it, . 

Having a daily knowledge of your competitor’s most successful products can save you tons of money.

It is a huge advantage.


Head of Partnerships at Particl, Benjamin Reynolds, helps e-commerce brands innovate their products and grow their brand while using competitor data, market trends, better marketing strategies, and more. 

Are you interested in what he has to say?  

  • How Particl works

  • To do product research leveraging competitor's data

  • Understanding how your competitors are doing

  • Building a brand & engagement with the audience

  • Particl's retargeting tool 

Ready to take advantage of your competitors' data? 

Then tune in to this great new episode and let me know your thoughts about it. 

See you around ,



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