Prospects - 2ND Video Ads Email (copy 01)

Feel your current Ad Creatives can do way better?

Let me ask you a question,

What if your average CTR of video ads on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram was 1.84%? 

What if there was one thing - a marketing superpower - that would maximize your reach, engagement, and conversions? 

And what if you could have a professional detailed plan on how to get those results… for free?

Too good to be true? 

Well, since you’re on my list and reading this email, you have a chance to be one of the lucky ones. 

, I’m talking about a way to optimize your e-commerce ad creatives on Facebook and Instagram. 

A unique, great, and completely free of charge opportunity to get a comprehensive look at your ads and learn how to improve them.  

Yes. I’m not kidding. It's 100% free - (While the original price is $1,500). 

BUT only 4 brands can take advantage of this free analysis.

Want to know what this free analysis includes? 

  • A comprehensive review of your existing ad creatives 

  • A detailed plan to improve them

, are you interested in taking your creatives to the next level?  

Reply to this email and I'll send you the next steps. 

See you there,