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You're Leaving Money on the Table, New Google Ads AI Feature, and More.

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πŸ’  Google Ads Unveils Innovative AI Tools for Demand Generation Campaigns

πŸ’  You're Leaving Money on the Table

πŸ’  Navigating Growth Beyond Your Niche

Media buyers have fewer levers to pull these days.

And the ad is among the last ones standing - at least inside the ad account.

But not for long...

In previous issues of this newsletter, we've told you about Meta's efforts on this front.

Now, it's Google's turn.

They've recently announced cutting-edge generative image tools for global Demand Gen advertisers, streamlining asset creation.

These AI-driven tools swiftly generate high-quality image assets with minimal effort from advertisers.

Furthermore, with the brand new "Generate more like this" feature, they enable advertisers to replicate successful image variations.

Advertisers maintain full control over image selection despite AI assistance, ensuring alignment with campaign goals.

In line with what we see with other AI tools, great input is key for refining AI-generated images to suit specific business or client needs.

Last but not least, in case you were wondering...

Google's AI guarantees uniqueness in generated images, offering original content for each campaign iteration.

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You're Leaving Money on the Table

Many DTC brands are trying to grow, but can't because they're focusing on the wrong things.


Last week my team and I were having our internal monthly session for one of our clients.

We wanted to check if they're on track for their monthly and quarterly goals and propose actionable next steps.

The takeaway of the meeting?

It wasn't "new ad campaigns to test"...

Or "new ads to create"...

In this case, it was about IMPROVING THE OFFER.


This client wants to increase the AOV.

We're already running some upsells - and they're working well.

However, AOV is not growing as expected.

Yesterday, we discovered that their most expensive product's price is the same as the target AOV.

So, we thought it was a good idea to propose creating more expensive products as an "anchoring" effect (the currently most expensive product would feel "cheaper").

We've also identified their customers are patriots, so we're going to rename some of the products accordingly.

For example, instead of "100 seed variety kit" we're going to name it "American Survivor Kit".

This is marketing.

And I'm proud of my team at BSR Digital for pushing beyond the classic "performance marketing agency" tasks.

Will it work?

We'll see.

But nobody can say we aren't trying hard. ο»ΏπŸ’ͺο»Ώ


If you own or work for a DTC brand and need help growing and boosting profitability, feel free to book a discovery call with my team at BSR Digital and we'll see how we can help.

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